It all started with a dream board...
Have you ever had a dream? Ours was to create something special that represents what we love. So we started filling our dream board with pictures and thoughts, and soon it took shape. We wanted to expand our ‘inner circle’ and meet more ‘2% friends’ – creative people with big ideas and exciting plans. We love entertaining, good food, and bringing people together. And we’ve seen first hand how something as simple as sharing food can open up new possibilities, and even change someone’s life.
Our Vision
Our vision is to make life taste good, by building a dining community so people around the world can come together to share good food, new experiences and inspire others to follow their dreams. We’re grateful to be able to have and share these experiences, as there are many people in the world who won’t eat today. That’s why every Dinner Circle party contributes directly to a charity to help feed someone who’s hungry.
Why Dinner Circle
‘About Lucy & Mike’

Mike and Lucy met on the train in December 2012. She stole his seat. They smiled at each other, and as she put the phone down she said ‘I’ll see you in Australia’. As it happened Mike was heading there on holiday the next week, so he asked her when she was going… They had their third date in Sydney on New Years’ Eve overlooking the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge, and three years later they were married.

Dinner Circle Team
Lucy Cassidy
Mike Cassidy Hogg
Co-founder & Creative Writer
Boom Solutions
We are always on the look out for new foodies to join our team so why not e-mail us at and see if you’ll fit in today?
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