1. What is Dinner Circle?

Dinner Circle is an online community where you can attend and host dinner parties, and meet new people. In this increasingly virtual world, Dinner Circle is about bringing authentic human interaction back into our lives. Eating together and spending time with someone is a great way to get to know them better. It’s about turning virtual relationships into real ones.

2. How does it work?

Search for dinner parties happening in your area, or where you’re going. People usually host dinner parties in their own home. You can also search profiles by interest or profession, to find likeminded people. When you find an event you’d like to attend, just send them a request. To send requests you need to create a profile, which just takes a minute. You can also be invited to events by the host, or by people who are already going. Whether you accept or decline is always up to you. If you want to host your own dinner party, it’s easy to set up. When you publish your event it becomes public to the Dinner Circle community, and people can request a seat at your table. After each event you can review your host, or if it’s your event you can review your guests. Reviews and feedback build trust and community, and the top hosts and guests appear on our Leaderboard. You can also build your network by adding select people to your Inner Circle. This is made up of people you’ve met and got on well with. It’s a great way to turn your virtual relationships into real ones.

3. It is free to sign up?

The site is free to join. When booking an event, we ask for a small booking fee of £2.97 which helps us to maintain the site and expand the reach of Dinner Circle and a charitable contribution of £3, which helps feed someone who’s hungry.

4. Who makes up the Dinner Circle community?

The Dinner circle community started as a group of friends and family of Lucy and Mike, but quickly grew to much more… it is made up of people across theglobe who all love to share food and experiences with new friends.

5. What is the Inner Circle all about?

Your Inner Circle is a key ingredient in how Dinner Circle works. It is made up of people you’ve met and got on well with. It’s a way to keep track of the people you’veconnected with. When you add someone, and they add you too, your Inner Circle gets updated on your public profile. In this increasingly virtual world, Dinner Circle is about bringing authentic human interaction back into our lives. Eating together and spending time with someone is a great way to get to know them better. Your Inner Circle is made up of the people:• You’ve spent quality time with and shared food together• You know, like and trust• Who’ve also added you to their Inner Circle Your Inner Circle is the people you’ve connected with in real life, not just through a screen. To some people this may sound strange, but we predict that as technology becomes more and more a part of our lives, this distinction will become very important.

6. Who are the Dinner Circle hosts?

Anyone can be a host, you just have to set up an event on the site, which then becomes visible to the Dinner Circle community. Most Dinner Circle hostsput on dinner parties in their own home. There are two types of event, My Way (where you arrange all the food and any entertainment) and Bring & Share (where your guests each bring a course to the table). Some people want to show off their culinary skills,and others just love connecting people. Or they may simply want to give something back to the community.

7. How can I search for events?

Just type in your postcode, or perhaps where you’re travelling to, to see upcoming events in that area. You can also search profiles by interest or profession, to find likeminded people.

8. But why do I need to use the site… can’t I just invite people over for dinner?

Absolutely, especially if you just want to have your friends over. But if it’s about meeting new people and expanding your Inner Circle, using the site makes everything easier, safer and more fun. It gives you an excuse to invite people you don’t know well, or have never met. You know their profile has been validated, and you can see the reviews and feedback they’ve had. We take care of the invitations, and encourage your guests (and hosts) to make a special effort. It’s really about building community.

9. Why are there no events in my area? (including how you can help)

Dinner Circle is new, so naturally it will take a little time for word of mouth to spread. We wanted the site to be cheap to use, so without a big marketing budget we really appreciate your help and support in building our community. Perhaps you would like to take the plunge and launch the first event in your area. With the Bring & Share option you don’t need even to do all the cooking!As one of our pioneers you’ll also get a little gift from us to say thank you. Call to action: Host a Dinner party

10. Is there an App?

We are very excited that the app development team are hard at work, and we will have it launched very soon.

11. How do I register for an account?

You can register an account with your email address, or to save time just use your Facebook or Google+ account. The bonus of doing it this way is that your profile will auto populate as much as possible saving you time and effort. We do not have access to your personal data other than what is required to log in. We reassure you that we will not sell any of your personal information to any third-party websites.

12. Why do I need a profile?

You can search dinner parties by location without a profile, but to request a seat at an event or to see other people’s profiles, you need to register. The sharing economy is built on trust, and naturally people want to see who you are. Plus we need to make sure you’re not a robot!

13. Why do I ned a profile picture and what type of picture should I use?

Just like other sharing sites, a profile without a picture is very unlikely to be trusted, as people like to see who you are.

14. What is the maximum file size for photos I can upload?

The maximum file size for uploads is 1MB. Your image file dimensions might be resized in this process, we recommend a file resolution of 500px x 500px

15. What should I write in my Bio, and why are there two?

Your bio is just a little bit about you to let people know who you are. You can put as much or little as you want. Most people mention things like their hobbies, where they’re from, and what they do for a living. Your short bio is a quick summary, in one or two sentences, that people will see in their search results. Since people often like to get a sense of who someone is before inviting them into their homes, your full bio on your profile gives you chance to add some more details or adding some interesting talking points. Like your plans for the future, something funny that happened to you, or the kind of people you’d like to meet.

16. Are my contact details available publically?

No. Your contact details are not visible to the Dinner Circle community. If you are hosting an event your email is shared with the guests attending, just in case they wish to ask you any questions, or to let you know if they are running late.

17. How can I update my account?

You can update your profile at any time by going toedit profile. It’s important to keep your profile up to date, especially if you change jobs or start new hobbies, as people can use this as a search term to find likeminded people to connect with.

18. What if I can’t remember my log in details?

As we all have so many online profiles, you can opt to remember your login details to make accessing the site quick and easy. There is also a password reset option on the login screen if needed.

19. What are ‘foods that don’t like me’?

Foods that you are either allergic/intolerant to, or that you avoid eating. This information is important and will be relayed to the host, so they can make sure the menu is appropriate for you. Please note: We have this function to help ensure you aren’t served something you can’t eat, or will make you unwell. We also provide Food Safety guidelines for all our hosts. But it is ultimately your responsibility to let your host know of specific dietary requirements you have.

20. My account has been disabled, why is this?

There are a number of reasons that accounts can be disabled, please check the list below to see if any of these apply to you. If they do not and you believe there has been an error, then please feel free to contact usand we will see if we can resolve the problem.
1. You have cancelled an event 3 times with less than 48 hours’ notice.
2. You have not showed up to an event more than once.
3. You have been reported by another member of the community on more than one occasion.
4. You have broken the terms and conditions or privacy policy.

21. How to I cancel my account?

You can cancel your account by emailing us at info@JoinDinnerCircle.com. This will take up to 5 working days and you will not be able to reactivate your account one it is closed.

Hosting an event:

22. Why should I become a Dinner Circle host?

Hosting a Dinner Circle event can bring you huge benefits in several ways, for example:

  • You can bring people together. This is a great feeling, and you get to take all the credit too!
  • You can introduce your contacts to specific people you’d like them to meet. Some great business relationships can come from this.
  • You can showcase your culinary skills or signature dish.
  • As the host you can set the tone of the evening and steer the conversation if you like.
  • You might just love entertaining!
23. How can I become a host?

Setting up your own dinner party on the site is simple. Just give your event a name, decide whether you want to cook or arrange the food yourself (My Way) or have your guests bring a dish to the table (Bring & Share), then add a few details like start and finish time, and if there’s a theme or a dress code. When you publish your event it becomes publically visible to the Dinner Circle community, and people can request a seat at your table. You can also invite people you’d like to come along. If you’ve never hosted a dinner party before don’t worry! We’ve had lots of practice, and there are loads of top tips and guidelines on our blog pageto help you get the most enjoyment, with minimal time and expense.

24. What are your top tips for hosting a successful dinner party?

Preparation is the key to success in anything. We recommend planning your dinner party so you know ahead of the day what you need, and how long it will take to prepare everything. Don’t be afraid to ask a friend or family member to help you out, especially if it’s your first time. We’ve structured the site to help make sure you add all the information people will need, like food choices, arrival and finish time, and whether there’s a dress code or they need to bring anything. You can also read our blog postswith lots of information and top tips, from food choices, to time saving and even how to ensure everyone has a good time!

25. Do I have to be a great cook to become a host?

The great thing about Dinner Circle is that it’s more about the overall experience of bringing people together and sharing food. So if you’re not a great cook, or just don’t fancy doing all the work, you can just select the Bring & Share option so your guests all know to bring a dish. That works especially well with a themed evening, like Mexican or tapas for example. Oh, and no-one said you can’t just get the food delivered ;)

26. What if I’ve never hosted or even been to a dinner party before?

That’s great! What better time to start? We want to you have wonderful new experiences and meet some really great people, so all we’ve done is make it easy, safer and fun to do that.

27. How do I know whom to invite?

You can search people’s profiles by interests and profession, as well as location. So if it’s a social event and you want a good mix of people, you could invite a couple of your friends, and 3-4 new people who have similar interests. If you give you dinner party a name also helps, as it’s clear to people why they’re being invited. E.g. ‘Dinner Party for Kite-surfers!’ or ‘New-In-Town-Tapas!’ If it’s business, the same applies. It’s a really great feeling to introduce one of your favourite clients or contacts to somebody new, that they could have affinity with. Some great joint ventures and partnerships have happened like this. And of course you get to take all the credit!

28. How many people should I invite?

Our research tells us that 6-8 people is ideal, as it’s a good mix of guests, but still intimate enough so that everyone can talk to each other. But you can invite as many people as you like. It really depends on the space you have available and how many you can cater for. A large party can be great fun, but harder to manage; and the minimum number of people should be 3 including yourself, otherwise it’s a date, really! This is also in line with our personal safety top tips. Remember that last minute cancellations and no-shows do happen so don’t be offended. The we try to limit this by having a strict 2 strike policy, whereby If the guest does not cancel and fails to attend the event more than once their account is automatically disabled, as we expect a high standard of courtesy from everybody in the Dinner Circle community. And it may sound silly, but remember to count yourself in the numbers!

29. Do I need to have a licence or food hygiene certificate?

Unless you are planning on having more than 5 dinner parties a year, you do not usually need any certificates. Most councils in the UK tend to view it as a food business if you hold six or more events per year. If you would like to be hosting more frequently, we can help you complete an online application. It’s really a simple process and easier than it sounds, providing you keep everything in good order. You just need to complete an online form, and the council may wish to visit you to check out your kitchen and make sure everything’s in order. The rules may of course vary depending which country you’re in. If you’re unsure please feel free to contact usand we will look into it for you.

30. Why are there two types of event, and what’s the difference?

My Way is the option for you, if you want to arrange all the food yourself. Of course it means doing all the work, but if you want to show off your cooking skills or have everything just the way you want, you have full control over all the details. Of course you don’t have to do any cooking at all. If it’s more about the people than the food, why not order in? Bring & Share is the 2nd option, where you create one course and your guests each bring a dish to the table. This works especially well with themed evenings like Mexican or Tapas. It’s a different dynamic as everyone feels like they’ve contributed, which can be a great leveller.

31. What if I can’t cook, or don’t have time?

Don’t worry, no one said you have to do all the cooking. The aim of the game is to bring people together, create a unique experience and have fun doing it. So if you can’t cook, or don’t have time, there are 2 options for you: Firstly you can just select the Bring & Share option on the event creation page, so your guests know what they need to bring. This works great with tapas or themed nights, like Mexican for example. Secondly, you could just take advantage of the excellent food delivery companies like Deliveroo. It’s not just your typical takeaways anymore, you can order high quality food from lots of great restaurants now.

32. Why is there an event name?

You may want to give your event. Themes help to bond people together though commonality. Below are some examples:‘New in Town’ Dinner Party!Singles Supper(30-40’s)Entrepreneur’s Dinner PartySteve’s Spanish tapas night

33. How often can I host a dinner party?

You can host 5 dinner parties in the UK before it would be considered that you are a food business. The rules will probably be different outside the UK. If however you would like to be hosting more frequenting, we can help you complete a simple online application. A local council officer may want to visit your kitchen. Feel free to contact us if you’re unsure, and we’ll do our best to help.

34. How far in advance should I post my meal?

We suggest at least 2 weeks, but a month is ideal.

35. Can I arrange to have the food delivered?

Yes you can. For some people it’s about the experience and bringing people together, and not about showcasing their cooking skills. Food delivery has changed in recent years, with companies like Deliveroo allowing us to have restaurant quality food in our own homes. But please ensure you add the words ‘food delivered from (and the name of the establishment)’ in your event description, so your guests know what to expect. Also, be sure to order from a reputable establishment, and to check any of your guests’ dietary requirements with the supplier.

36. Do I have to give exact details of ingredients?

No, think of the menu you would get in a restaurant for example: Starter:Cream of asparagus soup Main: Slow cooked leg of lamb with seasonal vegetables and potato dauphinoise Dessert: Crème Brule However, we advise that make it clear to your guests if any of your dishes contain common allergens like shellfish or nuts; especially if it is not clear in the name of the course.

37. How to I decide between supplying alcohol and BYO?

Supplying the alcohol yourself means you have control over how much is available, which goes a long way toward ensuring it stays a fun evening, not a messy one. However it also means you have to pay for it. Asking, or allowing guests to bring their own, means individual tastes will be catered for, and it cuts down on your upfront investment. Bringing a bottle of wine to a dinner party is quite common, so if you don’t want people to bring something it’s best to let them know. We advise that you always have water available on the table, to encourage sensible drinking.

38. How to I let guests know if the meal follows certain dietary requirements?

When creating your menu, you can select the most common food allergies from the dropdown boxes. If a specific one is not on the list, you can add it into the title of the event, or the course that it applies to, to make your guests aware.

39. Why do I have to agree that I have read the Food Safety, Fire Safety and Personal Safety top tips?

Your safety and enjoyment is of upmost importance to us. Although a subject like health and safety can seem a little daunting, it’s mostly common sense, and good practice to refresh your knowledge. As the host you are responsible for the food you offer to your guests. It goes without saying there is a risk involved with anything, but a little knowledge goes a long way when it comes to food, fire and personal safety. We’ve made sure our top tips cover everything you need to know, in a way that’s concise and easy to read. They will ensure you are up to date with:

  • Current food hygiene standards including information in allergies and dietary requirements.
  • That you have a fire evacuationplan in place.
  • That you have a good understanding of personal safetyfor yourself, your guests and your belongings.
40. Does it have to be formal or black tie?

Absolutely not. Of course if that’s your thing, go for it. But a dinner party can be as casual as you like, just let everyone know what to expect.

41. Can I have house rules?

Absolutely, in fact we recommend you do. Setting the standards helps everyone have a good time, without fear of upsetting anyone or doing anything out of turn. You can publish your house rules such as no smoking, or shoes off at the door, so that guests know how to behave in your home. This only needs to be completed once in your profile, and will be copied into the event you are hosting.

42. Why can’t I list my event as private, just for my friends?

This is an interesting question, and a function we debated about for a while. The spirit of Dinner Circle is about being open to opportunities. You are free to approve or decline anyone you like. But this way at least you, and your guests, have the opportunity to meet and connect with new people.For example, if you planned a dinner party for your friends but one guest could not attend, you may get a request from someone in the community that is an ideal match to your group… if the party was closed fate could not play its part.

A true story:

Lucy and Mike met on the train. Mike wasn’t even ‘supposed’ to be there, as he’d missed his train twice before that one. Then a girl stole his seat. And three years later he married her.   If the train was full of friends he already knew, he would not have met his future wife! Invitations and bookings:

43. How can I invite my friends to the party?

You can invite your friends in a couple of different ways, the easiest way is to share your event on Facebook or Twitter, or you can send personal invitations via email. Once you have published your event the page will show you all the options.

44. How can I invite other guests from the Dinner Circle community?

You can search for guests to attend using the three search functions: Location, Interests and Profession. You can browse through profiles in a list format with a shortcut to invite them to your event on the right-hand side, or you can click to see their full profile before inviting them.

45. Can I have my partner at the dinner party?

Of course, you can have your partner at your event but we do ask that they register on the website.

46. Why does my partner need to register on Dinner Circle to attend?

It is important that any partners attending also agree to the terms and conditions and privacy policy, for the safety of all guests and to be fair on everyone.

47. Does my partner have to pay to attend my dinner party?

No, we will send you a discount code for your partner that can be activated once on each event, so they do not need to pay. Or you may choose to offer this code to one of your guests if you choose to.

48. How will I know if someone has requested to attend the event?

You will receive an email notification, which will direct you to your notifications pagewhere you can accept or decline the request.

49. How can I accept or declinea reservation request?

You can accept or decline a reservation request in your notifications page. You will also see a small number by your profile picture on the top on the page once logged in, this will allow you to quickly scan your notifications that are outstanding. It is completely up to you who you accept or decline; it is your event after all.You may for example wish to keep the gender balance equal, or a mixture of people you already know and some new friends.

50. How will I know how many people are coming to the party?

You will receive an email 48 hours before the event to let you know who is coming, and to remind you of your guests’ dietary requirements so that you can double check the menu.

51. Can I allow guests to join from the waitlist?

Check this with boom?– can’t remember if we have this function I know we talked about it…

The Dinner Party:

53. How long do dinner parties last in general?

Three hours is a good time frame for a dinner party, although you can make it as long as you like. We recommend between two and four. When you set up your event you will be asked to enter a finish time. Having this in place makes it much easier to wind up the party, and avoids any awkwardness in asking people to leave. It also makes it easier for guests to pre-arrange transport. As the host it’s up to you how long you choose to welcome people in your home, but establishing the boundaries from the start makes everything a lot easier.

54. How do drinks work at the party?

The best practice for overall safety and a good experience for everyone is for you the host to serve the drinks, and to also provide water on the table. From our experience, if there is alcohol in front of them people will drink it, and if it’s flowing endlessly they’ll drink it quicker. And we don’t want it to turn messy and spoil things. However it’s entirely up to you. We advise you to read our Personal Safety top tips, which have a section on alcohol. A few little pointers can make a big difference.

55. What will I expect from the experience?

Of course every dinner party is different, and it all comes down to the people. Most of the time, dinner parties are wonderfully enjoyable experiences, as everyone tends to be on good form, talkative and interested in the other people there. As the host, you guests will be looking to you to set the tone of the event. If you’re relaxed, smiling and seem to be enjoying yourself, it gives them permission to be the same. But of course you’re allowed to be human, so if you’re a little flustered from doing all the cooking that’s fine! Expect there to be one strong, confident personality (possibly you) who tends to be a little louder or more opinionated than the others. People often put on their ‘strong suits’ when they’re in new situations. Meaning the character traits they’ve learnt to rely on when they’re out of their comfort zone. Some people are funny, some are clever, some have strong opinions and some are excellent at making others feel at ease. So take a minute to sit back and enjoy people watching!

56. What if I am running behind with my cooking or something goes wrong?

It’s the real world and these things happen. If you need to attend to something, just make sure your guests have all been welcomed and have a drink in their hands, and feel free to ask one of them to help you. People often love to be asked to help, as it helps them feel they’re contributing to the evening more.

57. What’s a good tip for getting people to go home?

Firstly, set a finish time. People actually feel more comfortable when they know the rules, as it helps them relax.

It’s often useful to mention it right at the start, before the wine flows too much. A simple phrase like “I hope you don’t mind us wrapping up at 11, as I need to be up in morning” is often enough.

If it gets to the end of the evening and people aren’t taking the hint, you can just say “Does anyone need the number for a taxi”.

Don’t be afraid to be upfront with people, it’s your dinner


58. How do I know if the host is a good cook?

Host are rated on the quality of their food, as well as welcome, venue and overall experience. You can check out their profile to see what other guests think before you choose to book.

59. How can I get to know more about the host?

You can check out the information on their profile, including any feedback and reviews they’ve had.

60. How do I book a place at the dinner table?

When you’ve found a dinner party you’d like to attend, through the search function, just click on ‘Attend this party’ near the top of the page. This sends a request to the host, who should respond within 48 hours.

61. Why do I have to wait for the host to confirm my attendance, and how long will it take?

It is of course up to the host who attends their dinner party. Hosts should reply to each request within 48 hours.

62. Why might my invitation be declined?

Hosts may decline a request for many reasons. Often they are looking to have an equal gender balance, a specific age range, or people with certain interests. Don’t take it personally!

63. How do I complete my booking once I have been accepted to a party?

You’ll receive an email letting you know if the host has accepted or declined your invitation. If accepted, the email will direct you to the payment section. When you have made your booking fee and charitable contribution, your seat at their table will be confirmed.

64. How many people should I make my dish for in a ‘Bring & Share’ party?

The total number of guests will be displayed on the event details, but remember that everyone is bring a dish so you don’t need to cater for everyone. If you aim to cater for 70% of the total number of guests this is usually enough food from our experience.

65. Why is there a charity contribution?

Sharing is an important part of the Dinner Circle ethos, and we want to help people less fortunate than ourselves. So your small £2 contribution will help feed someone who’s hungry.

66. Why is there a booking fee?

We debated for a long time if we could run the site free of charge. But without the booking fee we cannot invest in future developments of the site and the vital marketing that is required to expand the dinner circle network. Do keep your eye out for promotional codes which will make your first event on us.

67. What is the etiquette with regards to bringing a gift?

It’s certainly not compulsory to bring a gift, but many people like to bring a little something to thank the host for all their hard work. Hosts usually fund the dinner party themselves, and don’t get any direct financial return for their efforts. So a small thank you gift is often very well appreciated. Whilst a bottle of wine is a common first thought, a small gift or trinket they can keep, and maybe even display, will mean they remember you every time they see it. So if you want to make a lasting impression,a small gift worth £5-10 will be very gratefully received. We’ve even selected some high quality companies and ideas to help you make the perfect choice via links at the checkout.

68. Why do I have to confirm that I’ve read the Personal Safety top tips?

Your safety and wellbeing is very important to us, so we ask that you read our simple top tips to help everyone get the most out of the experience.

69. I have a discount code, where can I apply it?

We use discount codes as a way of gifting you your first dinner party. The code can be entered on the booking page and it only applies to the booking fee and not the charity contribution. This is for two reasons; Firstly to make sure you are not a robot and secondly so that we can verify you as a guest.

70. Can I bring an extra guest to the party?

Yes you can. As Dinner Circle is built on trust and community, they will have to register on the site, which only takes a minute.You can share the event with your friends via e-mail or social media links.

71. How does the waiting list function work?

Check this with boom? – can’t remember if we have this function I know we talked about it…

72. When will I find out the exact location of the event?

The location will be published 48 hours before the event, so you have time to arrange transport.

73. Can I contact the host about my dietary requirements?

Absolutely, you can use the contact details we provide in the confirmation e-mail.

74. What is the expected etiquette?

Bear in mind that after the event your host will be able to review you on Punctuality, Courtesy and Participation. Punctuality speaks for itself. It’s good form to arrive on time, or no more than 10 minutes early if you need to. If you are running late, make sure you message your host to let them know. Please note: Not showing up to an event that you are booked to attend, and haven’t cancelled, is deemed as very poor form. Any member who does this twice will have their account suspended immediately. If there is an emergency just let your host know. Courtesy means checking or asking about the house rules, and being a gracious and respectful guest. If you’re not sure whether to take your shoes off, or if smoking is allowed, just ask. It’s a good rule to follow the lead of your host. If they are being polite and not using strong language, you should do the same. Relax and enjoy yourself, but remember you’re in someone’s home, and their standards are most important. Participation simply means getting involved, talking to people and being interested in your host and the other guests at the table. Top tip: People often love to talk about themselves, so if you’re stuck for something to say, just ask someone about whatever they’re interested in!

The Dinner Party:

75. What should I do if I’m running late?

It’s important to message your host if you can, so they can tweak their timings if they need to. Otherwise they are likely to think you’re not coming.

76. What should I do if I don’t like the food?

Hopefully the menu will have given you a good idea what to expect, but of course people’s tastes and cooking skills can vary. It’s perfectly fine to be honest and say you don’t like something.But it’s good form to at least try it first. You just can’t please everyone all the time.

77. What should I do if I feel uncomfortable and want to leave?

If you feel unsafe in any situation, just leave. Your personal safety is the most important thing. Obviously we hope this will never happen. There’s a difference of course between unsafe and uncomfortable. If you’re feeling uncomfortable, you might first ask yourself why,and then speak to your host. For example some people can becomeloud or use strong language when they get a bit excited, which might be perfectly normal behaviour in their social group, but uncomfortable for you. Most people want to have a nice time and get along with everyone, so just saying you’re uncomfortable with whatever it is, will usually be enough for them to reign it in. We advise that you read our Personal Safety top tips, to help you have a safe and enjoyable evening.

78. How should I thank the host? (gifts at the check out)

A popular way to show your thanks is a small gift like chocolates or flowers. You can find links to buy selected quality gifts within the site.

79. What happens if I turn up and no one is there?

If you have arrived at an event and found no one there, or that it was cancelled without any notification, please let us know. Just email us at info@JoinDinnerCircle with your name and the event details.

80. I am no longer able to host / attend the dinner party, can I cancel?

Things do happen, and you may be unable to host or attend an event. You cancancel your event or attendance on the site, and we will let your guests or host know. Please give as much notice as possible, to minimise disruption and so people can make other plans.

81. What is your cancelation policy?

This is our exact cancellation policy as per the terms and conditions: All bookings are subject to Dinner Circle’s cancellation policy as follows: Guest:

  • If a booking is cancelled by a Guest on the Site forty-eight (48) hours or more before the event, the Guest will have the option to request a refund of their Charity Donation and, or booking fee.
  • If the booking on the Site is cancelled by a Guest less that forty-eight (48) hours in advance of the event four times or more in one year, the Guest’s Dinner Circle Account will be deactivated and there will be no refund of their most recent booking fee and Charity Donation.
  • If a Guest does not cancel their attendance on the Site and does not attend twice or more in one year, the Guest’s Dinner Circle Account will be deactivated and there will be no refund of their most recent booking fee and Charity Donation
  • If a Host needs to cancel an event, they can do so up to 9am on the morning of the event. When a Host cancels an event, all Guests will have the option to request a refund of their Charity Donation and or booking fee.
  • If a Host cancels an event after 9am on the morning of the event, Dinner Circle reserve the right to suspend or terminate their Dinner Circle Account on the second occasion.
82. Why do I need to post reviews?

Reviews and feedback build trust and community. They help both guests and hosts build credibility, and people with good reviews are more likely to be accepted and invited to other events. Feedback also can be very helpful for pointing out areas that could be improved.

83. How do reviews work?

After each event, the host can review their guests, and the guests can review the host. As a guest, hosts can review you on Punctuality, Courtesy and Participation: Punctuality speaks for itself. It’s good form to arrive on time, or no more than 10 minutes early if you need to. If you are running late, make sure you message your host to let them know. Courtesy means checking or asking about the house rules, and being a gracious and respectful guest. If you’re not sure whether to take your shoes off, or if smoking is allowed, just ask. Participation simply means getting involved, talking to people and being interested in your host and the other guests at the table. As a host, guests can review you on Welcome, Food, Venue and Overall Experience: Welcome is just what it says. As a warm, friendly welcome, with introductions, helps everyone relax and gets the dinner party off to a great start. Food is about the quality of the food and how well it met your expectations, and not necessarily how fancy the menu is. Not everyone’s a Michelin Star chef, and it’s even fine to have a dinner party of fish and chips, so long as everyone knows what to expect! Venue means how you pleasant you found the environment. It doesn’t have to be a palace to get high marks, just clean and well presented. Overall Experience is all down to how you felt about the evening. A really enjoyable, memorable evening, with great conversation and a good mix of people, is what it’s all about.

84. Can I edit my review or remove reviews?

Reviews cannot be edited or removed once they have been left. If you believe a review is inappropriate please contact us at info@joindinnercircle.com.

85. Why do I need to confirm that guests attended my event?

Although emergencies do happen, non-attendance without previously cancelling is very poor form. Dinner Circle is about building trust and community, so we need to know if anybody does not show up to an event they are expected at.

86. What’s the Leaderboard for?

The Leaderboard lets us recognise the hosts and guests who consistently get top reviews and great feedback. These are the people we all want to come to our dinner party, or to be a guest at theirs.

87. How do I get on the Leaderboard?

Well the ‘secret sauce’ to topping the Leaderboard is of course a secret… but factors include: having consistently great reviews, either as a host or a guest; how many events you’ve attended or hosted; turning up to the events you’re expected at, and not cancelling with less than 48 hours. You can read more top tips in our blog posts on the subject too.

88. Why does the site ask for dietary requirements?

It is very important you list any dietary requirements you have on your profile, to let hosts know any foods that are not appropriate for you. General requirements like vegetarian or Halal will of course influence the dinner parties you attend. With dinner parties based around these themes, everyone of course has something in common straight away. If you have any serious intolerances like nuts or gluten for example, you must be very explicit, as hosts may not be aware of the importance of avoiding certain foods even in trace amounts.

89. Why is it important to read the Food Safety top tips?

As a host, you are solely responsible for the food you serve your guests. We strongly advise that you read our Food Safety top tips before doing any prep or cooking, for the safety of your guests, and to make sure your evening is memorable for all the right reasons. All our top tips are simple and straightforward, but can help avoid a bad situation and make your event a positive experience.

90. Why is important to read the Fire Safety top tips?

As a host, you are responsible for the welfare of the guests in your house. We strongly advise that you read our Fire Safety top tipsbefore your event, for the safety of you and your guests. All our top tips are simple and straightforward, but can help avoid a bad situation and make your event a positive experience.

91. Why is it important to read the Personal Safety top tips, and to inform a friend of where I am going?

Whether you are a guest, or hosting an event, your personal safety is of upmost importance to us. There are of course risks involved with anything, but there are some things you can do, and be aware of, to minimise them. Letting someone know where you’re going is always a good idea whenever you’ll be in an unfamiliar situation, or with people you don’t know yet. All our top tipsare simple and straightforward, but can help avoid a bad situation and make your event a positive experience.

92. I’m a member of the press or run a food blog,how do I get in touch?

We would love to talk to you! You might like to check out our media pagefor some general information, and please feel free to get in touch via our contact us page.

93. Can I contribute by sharing my experience in a blog post?

Absolutely! We’d love to hear your experiences and thoughts about Dinner Circle. Please get in touch via the contact us page and we’ll tell you how to do it.

94. I would love to join your team, are there any job opportunities?

If you’d like to talk to us about joining the Dinner Circle team, we’d love to hear from you! Please get in touch via our contact us page.

95. How do I give you feedback on the site or my experience?

We really appreciate any feedback that helps us make Dinner Circle even better. You are invited to give feedback after each event but you can also get in touch with us via the contact us page.