3 simple steps to attending an event.
Step 1
Search & Discover...
Find dinner parties near you with our easy search function, in list or map format. Each event will show the location, menu, and also star reviews of the host.
Step 2
Attend & Enjoy...

Once the host has accepted your request you will receive a confirmation email, and another shortly before the event with all the details for the evening.

Then all you have to do is show up, enjoy delicious food and good company, and have a great time.

Your host has done all the hard work and will be aiming to impress you. In return you can get good feedback by being punctual and getting involved. Bon appétit!

Step 3
Review and Expand your circle

Reviews and feedback help build trust and community, and are only published when left by both parties.

After the event you can review the food, venue, atmosphere and overall experience. Your host will also be invited to review you on punctuality, courtesy and participation. Don’t worry, with a little thought it’s easy to get great reviews! You can even get some top tips in our FAQs.

The top hosts and most sought after guests also will appear on our Leaderboards. And then, you can also add people to your Inner Circle; the people you know, like and trust.