3 simple steps to hosting your own event.
Step 1
Plan & Post

It’s great you’re thinking about hosting a dinner party. We have a number of theme ideas to help get you started, and will guide you through everything you need to consider, from price to number of courses to alcohol to dietary requirements… you just need to decide on the menu.

We also have lots of top tips, shared from the community, for planning the perfect party.

Plan post
Step 2
Invite and Enjoy

Your event will then be visible on the website for diners to request attendance. You can view their profiles and accept or decline their request. If you accept they’ll be notified, and will receive your address 2 days before the event.

You can invite other Dinner Circle members, or friends who aren’t on the network yet.

Step 3
Review and Expand your circle

Reviews and feedback help build trust and community, and are only published when left by both parties.

After the event you can review your guests on punctuality, courtesy and participation. They can also review your event on food, venue, atmosphere and overall experience. Don’t worry, with a little thought it’s easy to get great reviews! You can even get some top tips in our FAQs.

The top hosts and most sought after guests will also appear on our Leaderboards.

And then, you can also add people to your Inner Circle; the people you know, like and trust.