The new Diner Party culture

The world is changed. It’s not weird to have ‘strangers’ in your house anymore, thanks to Airbnb. Old assumptions are falling down, and new doors are appearing, and opening every day.

We all want to feel connected; it’s part of being human. That’s why we find ourselves checking Facebook so often. But is it me, or is it starting to feel a bit… shallow?

The internet’s been like a new toy to play with. We had fun exploring this new world of connective-ness, sharing opinions and watching stupid videos.

Then we figured out we can relentlessly sell stuff to each other and build our personal brand. All well and good, but after a while don’t you want to see what’s behind the smoke and mirrors?

One of my favourite things in the world,are deep and meaningfulsafter a few glasses of wine; with close friends, or people I’m just getting to know. It takes a while to get to know someone. It’s like a dance between you.

First there’s the formalities of who you are, your story and showing you can be a bit interesting. Then organically the conversation twists and turns like a meandering river, as you explore each other’s personality and points of view. And that works better face to face.

Dinner parties are perfect for getting to know people. You’ve got something to do together, you’re all on good form, and the point is to enjoy yourself and have fun. Our generation didn’t invent dinner parties, but we have invented a new purpose for them: to turn our virtual relationships into real ones.

With instant access to almost everything, and a four second concentration span (are you still there?) what we yearn for now is authentic human interaction. Junk food tastes great for the first five minutes, but after a while you crave something nourishing.

It’s all coming back full circle. The internet’s a medium for communication, not life itself. And although food has always been the universal sharing platform, it’s not really about that either. It’s about getting to know each other again.

So, who would you like to connect with? Maybe there are some people you’d love to introduce to each other? Or perhaps you just like throwing the ingredients together and watching what happens.

They call it the sharing economy. I call it human evolution. We’re witnessing the dawn of a new chapter in human society, and I’d like to watch it with a glass of merlot. 

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Published by on 29-11-2016

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