How to Top the Leaderboard

The people on the leaderboards are recognized as making an outstanding contribution to the Dinner Circle community.

They are the most sought after guests that everyone wants at their table. And the star hosts everyone is clambering to get an invitation from.

They may be there for different reasons, but if you want to see you name up there, there are definitely things you can do to improve your chances.

The first and most obvious thing is to get great reviews and start ratings. Guests are rated on Punctuality, Courtesy and Participation, and hosts are rated on Welcome, Food, Venue and Participation.

You can read more about what the categories mean and how to get consistently great ratings on our other blog posts: How to be a Perfect Guest, and How to be a Fabulous Host. Just by keeping a few things in mind, you can impress people and get really good reviews. It’s all about a few little details, and how they make people feel.

The more events you host or attend, the more likely you are to appear on the Leaderboard, because you’ve made a big contribution to the community.

We also take into account things like attendance. If you’re expected somewhere obviously you need to show up, and no-shows without letting your host know beforehand are very bad form. So bad in fact, that anyone who does it twice can have their account suspended. It’s about showing respect for each other and building trust. Likewise cancelling your event last minute doesn’t help either. We know it’s the real world and things do happen; if you fall ill on the morning of your event it’s far better to cancel than spread the bug to your guests, for example! But if it happens a lot that’s not a good sign.

We can’t give away the exact formula for how the Leaderboard works, that would be telling. But some other things that might affect it are buying small gifts for you host, which shows a bit of extra thoughtfulness, inviting people to join the Dinner Circle community and events you’re hosting or attending. It’s all about sharing, and we really like it when people help us spread the word.

Hopefully now you have a few pointers to help you become a star host, or a guest in demand!


Mike Cassidy-Hogg

Dinner Circle Co-founder

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