How to Throw a Dinner Party Without Cooking Anything

Dinner parties aren’t just about the food, although that’s kind of an essential ingredient! They’re about bringing people together, meeting new friends and creating relationships.

Don’t get me wrong, if you love showing off your cooking skills,fantastic.But maybe it’s not one of your strengths, or you just don’t have the time. Then you don’t have to spend hours in the kitchen, or indeed cook at all, if you don’t want to.

Here’sthe secret to hosting your own dinner party with minimal stress or effort (…shhhhhh).

Just order in.

When you order food in, you can spend more time relaxing and enjoying yourself. You don’t need to rush between your guests and the kitchen, or worry about getting the timing just right. You get to spend more time being you, and less time being the chef.It’s becoming a very popular and modern way of hosting your own dinner party.

Companies like Deliveroo have changed the reputation of food delivery; it’s not just the standard takeaway anymore. A lot of top eating establishments are getting involved and you can get restaurant-quality dishes straight from their kitchen. Here’s the key thing to remember though: Order your food the day before, to be delivered the evening of your event.

Don’t risk ordering on Friday or Saturday afternoon if you want to serve it up the same evening. We learned that the hard way! Popular restaurants can be swamped with orders, so get yours in well in advance. And it’s good to have a back up plan anyway, just in case. That could be another restaurant, or the ingredients for a your simple go-to signature meal (mine’s steak and broccoli), in the fridge on standby.

If you’re ordering food in, it’s important to remember though that you as the host are still responsible for the food you serve to your guests. Tell them in advance which restaurant you’re ordering from, in case they have any food allergies or intolerances and need to check it out (those should be on their Dinner Circle profile as well). They won’t be expecting you to have done the cooking anyway, unless that’s what you said you were doing; so no need to try and pass it off as your own culinary creation, tempting as it may be!

In fact sometimes it’s the central theme of theevent, and an easy-ice-breaker talking point. Just find 5 to 7 people who love (insert restaurant) as much as you do, and you’ve got yourself a party!

Try to get your food delivered shortly before you plan to serve it, so you don’t have to keep it warm for too long. You can keep it warm in the oven, but remember that for safety, food likes to be either nice and hot, or nice and cold. If you keep it warm or at room temperature for more than an hour, bacteria will multiply and you risk giving your guests food poisoning. I know that sounds alarming, but you can easily avoid it just by sticking it in the fridge until it needs to be reheated. Then heat it up properly, so it’s piping hot, either in the microwave (at least 2 minutes) or in the oven.

Then all you have to do is plate it up nicely, and if you need inspiration for that, Pinterest is full of ideas!

Even if you’re not cooking you can still add your own unique flair to your event. The music, atmosphere, and of course the people, are what makes it special. You might even want to order some dishes, and prepare one yourself; like your signature crunchy bar pudding (my wife’s specialty).

So if you want to have privilege of hosting your own event, go ahead and do it your way!

Mike Cassidy-Hogg

Dinner Circle Co-founder

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How to Throw a Dinner Party With Minimal Effort

There’s no need to spend hours in the kitchen preparing for your dinner party, if you don’t want to. Of course for some people that’s part of the fun; they love putting their time and effort into it, and the process is just as enjoyable as the event itself.

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