Official Statements
Please use one of the following statements we have provided below when quoting what Dinner Circle is about.
Making Life Taste Good
We want to make life taste good, by building a dining community so people around the world can come together to share good food, new experiences and inspire others to follow their dreams. We’re grateful to be able to have and share these experiences, as there are many people in the world who won’t eat today. That’s why every Dinner Circle party contributes directly to a charity to help feed someone who’s hungry.

Our Vision
We see how much the world is changing with technology. We can be connected virtually with almost anyone, and our list of ‘friends’ is constantly growing. But as our lives get faster, the downside is that it all gets a bit superficial. Real relationships are built on authentic human interaction that you just don’t get through a screen. But we think it will all come around full circle, and people want to connect properly again; and food has always been the ultimate sharing platform. So we see Dinner Circle being a way to strengthen existing friendships, and turn virtual relationships into real ones.

Contact Us
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